How to integrate Instabug for your Xamarin apps

Instabug is In-App Feedback and Bug Reporting for Mobile Apps. Also, you can handle In-app Chat, User Steps, Analytics, NPS Survey, Reply to Surveys and Feature Requests.

If you develop mobile apps with Xamarin, iOS, Android, ReactNative, Cordova or Unity you can use Instabug.

Using instabug you can also integrate into jira, github, slack and much more..

You can manage your bugs, assign to developer, set priority or reply to user and much more..

Firstly, you need to choose your development platform (PS. I choose Xamarin)

You need to install instabug-for-android package via nuget for your android project

You need to install instabug-for-ios package via nuget for your ios project

You have to get your integration keys step 4 on instabug setup guide. Now, you need to initialize instabug in your android and ios platforms

Now, just publish and test 🙂

PS. Instabug works according to the language settings of your phone.

YAY! Thats work! Implementing in 5 mins. thats amazing ha?

You can record a screen, take a screenshot or select file from gallery

You can customize a screenshot if you want

Send this repot and you get an email in a few seconds.

Chat with your customers

Instabug has great features and its easy to use. I will continue to share my production experiences and instabug features


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