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.NET Conf 2018 Türkiye


Global olarak düzenlenen .Net Conf 2018‘in Türkiye ayağını Erhan ve Cihan‘ın katkılarıyla gerçekleştirdik.

.NET Core, ASP.NET Core, C#, Visual Studio, Xamarin, AppCenter, Azure ML & AI araçlarını ve teknoloji yeniliklerini anlattığımız etkinlikte, salonu dolduran katılımcılarla beraber çok keyifli bir Cumartesi günü geçirdik.


Xamarin.Forms FlexLayout

Flexlayout is new in Xamarin.Forms 3.0. It’s based on Flexlayout features in CSS we’ve been using for a long time.

It looks like more complicated than stacklayout and grid at first look but when we start to use flexlayout with css we will see how easy to align and manage your


CSS in Xamarin.Forms

I know front-end developers want to develop mobile apps. We can already develop mobile applications using basic C# knowledge with Xamarin. But whenever I talked to a front end developer he/she said UI development with xaml is very difficult. 

Xamarin.Forms supports styling visual elements using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).


AppCenter Analytics – Part 2

In this article, we’ll look how to get analytics data with AppCenter open api.

If you want to integrate AppCenter utilities into your back-end system, the appcenter open api layer will help you.

Firstly you need to get APIToken for open api authorization. You can learn by following the steps on the More

AppCenter Analytics – Part 1

What happens in my app?

App Center Analytics will help you understand your app.

  • How many times a button is clicked?
  • How long did the order page opened?
  • Which product details are more clicked?
  • What is the most liked content?
  • Active users
  • Engagement
  • Devices and OS
  • Countries and Languages
  • Active Users per Version

With app center analytics we can get answers