AppCenter Push Notification – Part 3

In this article, we’ll look at sending push notifications with AppCenter to iOS.

We need to create a new app in AppCenter

Sample Code is here

I create a new Xamarin.iOS app btw

Add Microsoft.AppCenter and Microsoft.AppCenter.Push plugins via nuget.

You have to check the Enabled Push Notifications checkbox in the Push Notifications section in Entitlements.plist

We have to create a new key now.

!IMPORTANT! After downloading your key, it cannot be re-downloaded as the server copy is REMOVED!

Now, we create a new AppID

Identifiers > App IDs

You have to check the Push Notifications checkbox in the App Services section.

Last step on AppCenter

You can get your auth token in your key file. Open your key file with a text editor.

Don’t forget: You have to create a new Provisioning Profile and If you want to test on your real devices you have to add your device’s UDID in your new provisioning profile

Let’s try!


You can use custom data

Easy 🙂



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  • Hocam Selam,

    Xamarin forms kullanıyorum. Lakin Mesaj gösterilmiyor. Mesajı AppDelegate.cs tarafında received eventında yakalayabiliyorum. Ama gösterim olmuyor. Sorun ne olabilir?

    Üzeyir Öztemür 5 sene ago Reply

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